Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HOT DEMON NIGHTS Prize Offering!

In honor of the May 1st release of HOT DEMON NIGHTS, my first Nocturne Cravings novella, I'm sponsoring a contest. I'm giving away a bag of my books, both from my ELLE JAMES pen name and my sexier MYLA JACKSON pen name.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog telling me what your favorite paranormal creature is. I'll select a winner on May 7th. Be sure to check back at my blog to see if you're the winner.

HOT DEMON NIGHTS isn't much of a stretch from either of my pen names. I've written paranormal for Harlequin Intrigue and Nocturne Bites and I've written paranormal stories as Myla Jackson.

What's different about HOT DEMON NIGHTS is that it's written in 1st person from the point of view of my kick-ass heroine KATYA DANSKE.


Tired of being taken for granted because of her looks, determined rooky Paranormal Investigative Agent teams with a sexy, womanizing demon to catch a zombie-generating fiend before he destroys Manhattan.

She didn't ask for the job, it landed in her lap, literally. Rookie cop and budding paranorm butt-kicker, KATYA DANSE, becomes a member of the Lower Manhattan order of the Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT). This elite group of multi-skilled law enforcers is tasked with keeping peace between the human and otherkin inhabitants of Manhattan. Katya never knew she had special skills until a flesh-eating zombie fell in her lap from the second story of her apartment building and she promptly lopped its head off. The rest is history. From rookie cop to PIT crew, she's sniffing out zombies and tracking down rogue demons, vampires and were-creatures for a living, counting the days until her next vacation away from NYC and the beings crawling out of the gutters. Nicked-named Iceman for her ability to cut a man's ego down in a single word, Katya has never met a demon she can trust. The last thing she needs is a smart-ass demon dogging her every step, especially one with mind-melding gazes and sex-appeal that could corrupt even the most heart-hardened PIT crew.

BLAISE MICHAELS, one of the few paranorms recruited as part of the select PIT crew, arranges to team with Katya to discover the source of a fresh outbreak of zombification and nip it in the bud. Not only is he interested in the challenge of awakening Katya's inner demon, he knows their adversary is dangerous, beyond even their initial indications. Forced into close proximity, Katya's and Blaise's investigation takes them into the darkest, dirtiest shadows of the Manhattan underworld, pitting their superhuman skills against a barrage of creatures fighting for survival and domination in a world most humans will never know exists. As their investigation intensifies, so too does the heat between them, fire melting ice, a combustible outcome sure to ensue.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Living Vicariously

I have to admit...I live vicariously through my children. Especially through my youngest daughter who just embarked on her "college career". I don't get this "college career" phrase (but that's another rant). I remember my college days and the fun that I had partying, meeting new people and learning about life and transitioning from child to adult in a somewhat protected and cushioned environment with the safety net of my family behind me.

I think we all like to live vicariously through others. If not through our children, then through reading about other people's lives in the newspaper, on television and through the books we read. It's a great way to get out of your own rut and ride the roller coast of another existence. You picture yourself in the minds, hearts and settings of the people you read about.

As I listen to my daughter's accounts of her adventures on campus, I imagine myself there as a nineteen-year-old with the world at my feet.When I read about someone climbing Mt. Everest and the trials and tribulations of the climb, I can feel the cold permeating my skin, the wind stinging my face, my muscles aching from the strain of the ascent. When Harry Potter came out, I was Harry, Ron and Hermione meeting challenges, learning who I was and growing.

Do you live vicariously? If what was your most recent trip into another person's life? Share with me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pet Toy Addiction

Do you have a pet? A dog or a cat that keeps you company, gives you companionship, is there when you need a silent (sometimes not so silent) friend? I have two little dogs. In my transition from mom of three children to empty-nester, I knew something about myself. I NEED to be needed. Now I have two small dogs. And let me tell you...dogs NEED you to need them. They are always there to greet me when I come home. They follow me around the house and sit close by when I'm working. They are always happy with whatever I fix them for dinner and come lounge with me in my lounge chair. I LOVE my little dogs. And just like when my children were little, I can't pass the toy aisle without glancing at the toys they might enjoy. Dog toy aisle, that is! So now I have a dog toy addiction. If not for the firm "no" of my husband, I'd bring home a toy every time I go to the store. My Yorkie loves the ones that squeak. My Malti-poo turns her nose up in disdain (I think she's really a cat deep down inside).

Do you have a pet? Or did you when you were a child? Tell me about them. I remember each of mine and mourn their losses, just like family. Because that is what they are.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Looking Forward to Vacation in St. Thomas!

Spring Break in the Virgin Islands! This will be my first trip to the Virgin Islands and I can't wait. We'll be staying on St. Thomas and hope to do so much while we're there. We want to snorkel, swim with the turtles, explore, laze on the beach, drink banana daiquiris and of course, take a ferry across to St John. What fun things do you have planned for Spring Break?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Winter Vacation to Sun Valley, Idaho

It was a doozy!
Been a heck of a couple weeks. Fell on my face on the ski slopes (standing still, no less), earning a trip down the mountain in a basket. Was told by the ER Dr. that I strained my knee, spent that week holed up in my hotel room while family skied. Got home to my own DR. had an MRI found a torn ACL. No wonder it wasn't getting better. Set me up with a brace and physical therapy and a trip to ultrasound where they discovered a blood clot/deep vein thrombosis. Talk about freak! So now I'm hobbling around with a brace, getting blood thinner shots twice daily and wondering if today will be my last...Helluva a couple of weeks, but the sun is shining and we're under a winter storm watch so things are looking up! Snort! Cough! Cough! Hope your week is better... Mine really isn't that bad. I'm feeling okay.
 The pictures are of the mountain rescue team that brought me the rest of the way down the mountain in a basket. Cute and good at what they do. I'll be writing them into one of my books soon.