Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whistler Canada!

June 2012
I love to travel and take pictures of the gorgeous places I've been. Last year, my husband and I took a 5-week driving trip in a motorhome to Alaska and back to Arkansas. In all we went about 10,000 miles! Woot! One of our stops along the way was Whistler Canada. We spent a couple days in June in Whistler, loving every moment. Saw bears, road the gondolas peak to peak and enjoyed the beauty of British Columbia.  We liked it so much we decided to give it a try in the winter.
March 2013

So here we are! Well, it's supposed to be spring, but someone forgot to tell the weatherman. My husband is loving the ski slopes while I'm back in the room writing. I hope to ski next year, but definitely need to get in better shape before then! I got out early this morning to capture the lights in the snow. So pretty!