Saturday, April 14, 2012

Living Vicariously

I have to admit...I live vicariously through my children. Especially through my youngest daughter who just embarked on her "college career". I don't get this "college career" phrase (but that's another rant). I remember my college days and the fun that I had partying, meeting new people and learning about life and transitioning from child to adult in a somewhat protected and cushioned environment with the safety net of my family behind me.

I think we all like to live vicariously through others. If not through our children, then through reading about other people's lives in the newspaper, on television and through the books we read. It's a great way to get out of your own rut and ride the roller coast of another existence. You picture yourself in the minds, hearts and settings of the people you read about.

As I listen to my daughter's accounts of her adventures on campus, I imagine myself there as a nineteen-year-old with the world at my feet.When I read about someone climbing Mt. Everest and the trials and tribulations of the climb, I can feel the cold permeating my skin, the wind stinging my face, my muscles aching from the strain of the ascent. When Harry Potter came out, I was Harry, Ron and Hermione meeting challenges, learning who I was and growing.

Do you live vicariously? If what was your most recent trip into another person's life? Share with me.


Word Actress said...

Hi Elle - Mary Eastham from your last Boot Camp class.
I'm living vicariously through my character
Pippa Arabella Swann as a pro surfer and singer.
And I'm not even geting my hair wet!!! xo

Elle James said...

What fun! I know what you mean. When I'm writing, I'm running, shooting, loving and living with each of my characters. Some days I lift my hands from the keyboard and remember to breathe!

Joyce Palmer said...

I guess I live vicariously through my son. He just got married last month. They called us everyday while they honeymooned. We thought it was funny, but enjoyed hearing all about their good time at Disney.

What a pleasure it is to be connected to a loving family!

LKF said...

Hey Elle,
I would say I live through my children and they live through me. I have 5 and they live in different states, and countries. If I'm not visiting them. I'm taking long weekends places and they are asking of they could tag along. It is fun for all! Never to old to be young!
Loved your post