Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Winter Vacation to Sun Valley, Idaho

It was a doozy!
Been a heck of a couple weeks. Fell on my face on the ski slopes (standing still, no less), earning a trip down the mountain in a basket. Was told by the ER Dr. that I strained my knee, spent that week holed up in my hotel room while family skied. Got home to my own DR. had an MRI found a torn ACL. No wonder it wasn't getting better. Set me up with a brace and physical therapy and a trip to ultrasound where they discovered a blood clot/deep vein thrombosis. Talk about freak! So now I'm hobbling around with a brace, getting blood thinner shots twice daily and wondering if today will be my last...Helluva a couple of weeks, but the sun is shining and we're under a winter storm watch so things are looking up! Snort! Cough! Cough! Hope your week is better... Mine really isn't that bad. I'm feeling okay.
 The pictures are of the mountain rescue team that brought me the rest of the way down the mountain in a basket. Cute and good at what they do. I'll be writing them into one of my books soon.

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