Monday, July 01, 2013

TRIGGERED Release Day Giveaway!

Quilt Lady is the winner of this prize package. Congratulations!
Covert Cowboys Inc, Book #1
To protect their future, a Texas bodyguard must revisit his past

After taking justice into his own hands, Austin police officer Ben Harding faces an unknown future. But a new job referral carries the possibility of salvation. His mission seems simple: protect a woman and her young daughter—recent residents of the Flying K Ranch who have become the target of threats.

When Ben meets Kate Langsdon, he is immediately struck by her beauty…and by the memories of the tragedies that touched his own family. Resolved not to become emotionally invested, Ben protects the pair as new dangers—and old ranch secrets—emerge. As enemies draw closer, can Ben keep this family alive long enough to explore a future with Kate?

!!!!!PRIZE ALERT!!!!!!!!!

Leave a comment on why you love cowboys for your chance to win the following prize package:
Cowboy Brigade by Elle James
Her Cowboy Avenger by Kerry Connor
Thunder Horse Redemption by Elle James
Michael by Lisa Renee Jones
Lotsa Swag!


Meljprincess said...

Hello Elle,
What fantastic prizes! Love the KOOZIE. More authors should get them for promo.
I'm from TX and I do love cowboys...they are strong, strapping men who look great in chaps and cowboy hats. I dated several cowboys and one bull rider years ago in Lubbock. Ahhh....good times. ;-)
I'm really looking forward to reading TRIGGERED. Have a great day!

Mel K.
Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

sherry gladden said...

40 years ago I was playing pool when this lean, good-looking cowboy in a black hat walked in. Our eyes met & the rest is history. We enjoyed all our remaining years together with 5 children, 16 grandchildren & 4 great grandchildren. Sad to say, I lost him to cancer recently, but we enjoyed all the years that we had together.

Debby said...

thanks so much. What is not to love about cowboys! They work hard and love just as hard and they have fantastic muscles.
debby236 at gmail dot com

catslady said...

Oh, I haven't read this genre in a while and am overdue. Thanks for a chance at a great contest! Cowboys - sigh...


Quilt Lady said...

Great giveaway! I will have to get Triggered, sounds like a great read!

Jennifer Mathis said...

i love how they are hard working good old boys

catedid said...

Congrats on your new release. I look forward to reading this story, have put it on my TBR list for the summer. I have always loved cowboys, they are sooo male without any fanciness.

Quilt Lady said...

I do love me some cowboys. They are so sexy, polite, and hard working men. They also stand up for their women at lease in books they do. Cowboys are my favorite reads of all time.

quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

Candy said...

This book sounds really interesting! I cannot wait to read it.

Mary Preston said...

Cowboys are hard on the outside and all heart in the middle. They are loyal and true and not just to their horses.


Christina said...

I'm a city girl - cowboys are the ultimate fantasy since I never come across them in real life!

Joanne said...

Hi Elle,
I fell in love with Roy Rogers and Gene Autry in the 1950's as a grade schooler. Cowboys stood for truth,honesty,and what's right with the world. It's no different today...cowboys are heroes as well as hard workers.

flchen1 said...

What's not to love about cowboys? They're smart, hardworking, good with their hands... know their way around rope :D The list goes on and on ;)

Congrats on the new release, Elle!

Holly said...

Looks like a great contest. Excited to read your new book

Manda Ward said...

cowboys, has to be the politeness and courtesy they use, as well as the way they protect the woman they love!

Mindy said...

Awesome contest Elle :)
I love cowboys because of their sense of honor and inate kindness wether it's to animals or people. Most cowboys can be trusted to do right and the cuteness/ muscles factor doesn't hurt at all ;).

Mindy :)

Eva Millien said...

What's not to love? They are really good shape. Look good in cowboy boots and hats. Can ride a horse.
They have really awesome muscles.

Kassandra said...

I LOVE cowboys. I live in southern Indiana so I see my fair share of cowboys >.< They tend to be hard workers and their mommas teach them manners! The physique they get from all of that hard work isn't a bad thing either ;)