Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book and a Bug Day #1 PRIZE

In honor of the release of VOODOO FOR TWO (Book #2 in the CAJUN MAGIC Series), I'm running a week-long contest giving away a BOOK AND A BUG each day and a bigger prize package on Day #7. Since I got a late start today, I'll pick a winner tomorrow at noon!

For today's contest, LIKE my ELLE JAMES Facebook Author Fan Page and I'll draw my winner from my ELLE JAMES FAN PAGE Likes.

Here's the prize you could win: A signed copy of THE WITCH'S INITIATION, a note pad, pen and Frog socks (as a cute reminder of VOODOO ON THE BAYOU, Book # 1 in the CAJUN MAGIC series.)
******PRIZE ALERT!!!!*****


Be careful what you wish for…
Determined to marry the most eligible bachelor in the parish to save her family, Lucie LeBieu turns a “love bug” loose to cast its Voodoo spell. What she doesn’t count on is hitting two targets—the golden boy congressional candidate and her Cajun-hot ex. To set things right, she must undo the spell before she falls into bed—and back in love—with a certain down and dirty heartbreakin' cop or breaks another man's heart.
Undercover investigator Ben Boyette is back in Louisiana on special assignment when he runs across his old flame, brewing up trouble as usual. But when hometown threats turn deadly, Lucie's life is on the line. Determined to protect both her and his politician assignment from falling victim to a murderer, Ben finds that he's the one who's falling hard for the irresistible bayou temptress.



Eva Millien said...

Hey, I love this series. It takes place in my backyard. I love everything about Louisiana, but most especially the magical city of New Orleans and of course Cajun food.

Mary Preston said...

Fabulous thank you.


Julie Robinson said...

Hi Elle,
Being a Ragin' Cajun, I love Louisiana. Twenty-four years ago, my DH came down from Connecticut to enter grad school, met me, and basically hasn't been back up since. I tease him and say he saw the light. I think the culture is here is warmer and friendlier.

On a personal note, I love the quiet magic of a walk with my dogs in the stillness of a hot humid night with nothing but the sounds of frogs in the ditches, cicadas in the trees, and the thoughts in my head.

I love dancing with friends and family, which includes parents, siblings, cousins, in-laws, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, etc. At a gathering, we can all just partner off---doesn't matter with who---and dance together.

I love the sound of my Dad speaking in French to other Cajuns; the smell of chicken gumbo or crawfish boiling in large pots; and of live bands playing Cajun music.

I love the easy camaraderie and physical affection--- the smiles, kisses, and hugs-- exchanged when I see family and friends, even if it hadn't been that long since we've seen each other.

If I crave city excitement, New Orleans is about an hour and a half away. I love visiting the palm readers in Jackson Square, visiting the magical/psychic shops to absorb the energy, and taking a ghost, vampire, or cemetery tour for its mystique. I also enjoy walking the crowded streets of the French Quarter, eating at one of the many fine restaurants, and visiting some of the attractions (like the Audobon Zoo or the Aquarium). I always get a sense of reverence when I enter the sacred space that that is St. Louis' Cathedral.

Why would I want to live anywhere else? I've got the best.