Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bundle of Trouble is Out

My August Intrigue, BUNDLE OF TROUBLE, is now available at your local bookstores and Wal-Mart! And it made the Bookscan top 100. Help me bring it up above #76 for next week's bookscan by going out and getting it at the bookstore closest to you.
Sylvia Michaels had raised her son for four short months before he was cruelly snatched from her arms. Desperate and alone, her investigation led to Texas and the ranch of multimillionaire Tate Vincent. The ruggedly handsome bachelor was an intriguing man...and the father of a child who looked suspiciously like hers!
But what was supposed to be a joyous reunion was shattered by a hail of gunfire--and an empty cradel. Now both parents were on the hunt for the kidnappers and the child they each claimed as theirs. Tate couldn't deny that Sylvia fought with a mother's passion, and Sylvia couldn't help but notice that the protective man made the perfect father. But would their dream of a family be shattered before it even began?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

RWA Nationals 2011 Orlando

It's been over a week since I got back from RWA Nationals in Orlando and I'm finally getting caught up. Next week I jump into writing a new Intrigue. Can't wait!
RWA Nationals was a hoot! I had the pleasure of rooming with my favorite Intrigue author, Delores Fossen. Since I only get to see her maybe once every other year if that often, it was great to catch up on everything happening in each other's lives.

As always, the Harlequin part was to die for. The Harlequin martinis were a hit with me. Loved the flower in it. Think I had one too many. Went to sleep with my head spinning. Or was that a residual effect of the great music and the floor full of dancers?
The literacy booksigning was a success with a ton of authors there signing donated books All proceeds going to improve literacy.
Hope your summer is going well. Enjoy what's left of it!