Friday, April 11, 2008

No One Heard Her Scream

I just finished a book by a new author I had to share! No One Heard Her Scream is incredible. Jordan Dane has launched herself into a promising career as a suspense novelist with flare and an incredible story. Run, don't walk for your copy of this book. It'll keep you up at night reading into the wee hours with seat-of-your-pants suspense, action and characters to die for. Great job, Jordan! Check out Jordan's scheduled releases back to back.

A relentless detective with the San Antonio Police Department is barred from an investigation into the disappearance and murder of her younger sister and forced to take another assignment. Skeletal remains buried in the wall of an old theatre destroyed by arson make an intriguing new case. But when the bones turn out to be of a woman, close in age to her sister, the hunt for a killer gets personal—a vendetta for justice.

A seductive enforcer to the mob, with secrets of his own, stands between the detective and a powerful man she believes is linked to the murder. Will the reluctant henchman become an ally or betray her to his treacherous 'benefactor'? Drawn into the sinister world of human trafficking, the modern-day slave trade, the detective unravels a grim trail of destroyed lives—leaving her little hope for vindication in the death of her sister and a nameless young woman buried alive.


Jordan Dane said...

Hey Elle--Thanks for the mention. I'm really glad you enjoyed the book. Coming from such a talented author, your review means a lot to me.

Jordan :)

Caffey said...

Hi Ellie! I heard lots of good about this new author! How about the romance in the book? Or is it mostly straight suspense? I do enjoy those with a strong romance with all the intensity, tension and all along with the suspense. But I know too there are some great straight suspense ones as well out there. Hi Jordan!

Too just saw your site about the new cowboy series, yum!

Delilah Devlin said...

I love the description of Jordan's story--and I love the setting (I so miss San Antonio!)! I have to get my own copy. Thanks for the recommendation--and hey! And Elle, love the cover for your upcoming Intrique! Looks spooky!