Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Love Those Cowboys!

A Cowboy...is a Cowboy... is a...huh?

I’m excited because the book I have out with Harlequin Intrigue this month Texas-Sized Secrets has a cowboy in it! What’s more sexy than a man in leather and a cowboy hat, rough-ridin’ over your heart?

When I decided to write an entry on cowboys, I went hunting for inspiration. And boy did I find it! I’ve decided to dedicate this blog entry to the different types of cowboys.

Singing Cowboys – Legendary favorite Gene Autry - love the shirt!

Dancin' Cowboys - yum!

Riding Cowboys – yee-freakin-ha! (not me, buddy, never in a million years)

Roping Cowboys - love how he makes it look easy

Drinkin' Cowboys - looks like he was ridden hard and put up wet!

Outlaw Cowboys - I'd go to the dark side with him any day!

Naked Cowboys - NYC's finest!

Dallas Cowboys – uh, well, okay

and last but not least....

Sexy Cowboys – yeah, I saved the best for last

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Joan said...

I like any and all Cowboys.
Merry Christmas