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DEJA VOODOO Release Day! Giveaway!

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Book #3 CAJUN MAGIC Series
Entangled Publishing
A little magic goes a long way…
Alexandra Belle Boyette is closing in on the big 3-0 and her mama has made it her mission to marry her off. In the tiny town of Bayou Miste, deep in the Louisiana swamps, finding suitable hubby material can be a challenge—and Alex would rather not rely on magical spells to do the trick. But there is a sexy new man in town who might fit the bill...
Ed Marceaux is in Bayou Miste to safeguard a key witness to a Louisiana Mafia murder. He must keep an eye out for suspicious characters—but the place seems to be full of them! What could be stranger than a woman dressed in a sexy nightgown chasing a naked man down the street? The enchantingly gorgeous Alex Boyette certainly makes it worth his while to find out…
Add a Voodoo spell gone wrong, and voila! madness—and love—ensues.


Bayou Miste, Louisiana

She flung her hand out, bouncing it off the empty pillow beside her. The velvet pouch bumped against her fingers.


After a brief pause, a cold, wet nose poked up over the side of the bed.

“I’m so lucky to have you.” She ran her hand over his velvety snout. A long tongue snaked out and licked her fingers.

Sport was always there for her without being annoying or obsessive. She shivered. She’d had her share of boyfriends and stalkers. She’d rather remain celibate than go through that again.

But deep down, she ached for that closeness. And hell, she hadn’t had sex since Theo, and that hadn’t been stellar, she wondered if she remembered how to have good sex. Was she going to die one of those frigid old maids destined to read erotic romance novels to get her jollies?

I’m pathetic.

And her mother would drive her stark-raving mad if she didn’t quit shoving fresh meat at her every chance she got. “Oh, Sport, I wish you were a man. That would solve all my problems.” She settled against her pillow and closed her eyes. “It would take a lot of magic to get my mother to back off. I’m not even sure having my own choice of a boyfriend will satisfy the woman.” She yawned and snuggled in, pulling the comforter up to her chin to ward off the chill of the air conditioner.

As she drifted into a half-awake, half-asleep state, the bed sank down on the far side. Sport had leaped up beside her. Too tired to tell him to get down, she gave up and let go.

A thrumming sound filled her dreams, building into a full bass echo of drums. Somewhere in the back of her sleep-numbed mind, she recognized the drums as those that played at the Voodoo ceremonies Madame LeBieu conducted on those rare occasions when a little extra oomph was needed to initiate one of her spells.
Just as Alex succumbed to oblivion, an eerie chant echoed through her head. Wishes come true. Wishes come true. Wishes come true.

She sighed and gave in to the magic.

If only wishes really came true.

Book #1 Cajun Magic Series

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!!!!! PRIZE ALERT!!!!!